Glunt Industries, a Northeast Ohio company, is the most complete large-scale machining and fabricating center in the United States. Serving the metals industry in North America, South America and Europe on both large and small scales, When you connect with Glunt Industries, you connect with one of the original leaders in quality total mill service. In over 50 years of business, Glunt has made a reputation for service, quality and customer satisfaction that is unmatched in the metals industry.  Glunt has been built by giving our customers value added products that exceed the service life of the original or existing parts and assemblies. Our experienced team can suggest design and material improvements, including surface enhancing weld overlay clads for rolls that have been proven to significantly improve the cycle life of equipment. Glunt’s wide range of services, technology and equipment provide invaluable resources to our customers. Glunt continuously challenges its associates to improve management systems and processes in order to guarantee the highest possible quality, environmental, health and safety standards for its team members and customers. Glunt establishes metrics,  objectives and targets and to monitor their results to demonstrate that we are operating an effective integrated management system.


  • Consider safety, health and protection of the environment the most important commitment of our management
  • Will provide all necessary information and resources to our employees to reach our objectives
  • Encourage everyone to demonstrate responsibility for the health and safety of others and the environment through education, training, coaching and effective communication
  • Drive continual improvement in all our processes using best practice and lessons learned to further develop our organization including consultation and participation of team members and managers
  • Focus on risk prevention through elimination and substitution of hazards. In addition, we aim to reduce risks by continual improvement in engineering and administrative controls and adequate personal protection equipment


  • Foster a company culture with the objective of developing and products, processes and services that are defect-free and safe to both people and the environment
  • Deliver the best products and services – considering their entire life cycle – to fulfil our customers ‘ requirements based on a close interaction with them
  • Treat our suppliers as a key player for a successful and sustainable business


  • Recognize the importance of the observance of laws, rules and regulations and conduct our business in a lawful and appropriate manner
  • Use energy efficiently, contribute to climate protection and minimize our impact to the environment in our daily business
  • Push continual improvements in all processes applying internal and external best practice and lessons learned to further develop our organization
  • Glunt has pursued a proactive strategy within its Corporate Social Responsibility, for the past several years, focused around two primary areas including:
    • Reducing environmental impact across all industrial sites
    • Developing technologies for customers that combine environmental performance with operational excellence

Glunt Industries operates four plants totaling over 225,000 sq. ft. of production space with more than 80 units of CNC equipment.

Custom Solutions

Interested in decreasing costs and increasing up-time? Glunt Industries, Inc. can customize a solution for your specific needs, on any scale.

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