Increase the Life of Your Roll Campaign with Glunt Industries Overlay Rolls

Overlay rolls can be made tougher, with more ductile alloys to withstand higher loading without failure. Glunt Industries engineered overlay rolls that when applied to the body provide a wear-resistant surface unattainable with one-material type rolls, which saves our customers significantly on yearly operational and maintenance costs. Show us your worst overlay roll problems, and we’ll show you how to reduce your costs.

In-house annealing (roll overlaying)
Fabrication (full range of size capabilities)
Machining (full range of size capabilities)
Service (field service inspections, and custom service plans)
Rebuilds (for cost efficiency)
Testing and Support

Glunt Industries Overlay Rolls

Caster Rolls

Built new or overlayed with our MillClad#3 and Nitrogen Bearing wires, these rolls greatly reduce or eliminate cracking, providing 2 to 3 times the service life.

Straightener Rolls

With our MillClad #6 overlay, you significantly increase roll life and reclaim 1/2 of a new roll.

Edger Rolls

With our MillClad #8 50-54, this roll lasts 2 to 5 times longer than previous rolls in service. They can be re-overlayed for about half the cost of new rolls.

Coil Pinch Rolls/Blocker Rolls/Looper Rolls

With our MillClad #4 overlay, these Glunt Industries rolls outperform pervious rolls 2-to-1.

Table Rolls

Overlayed with our MillClad #4 overlay at 50-54 Rc., this roll performs 2 to
3 times more service life than previous rolls.

Roll Rebuilding & Reconditioning

Our Customer Reconditioning Priority Program includes:

  • Disassembly & Cleaning
  • Preliminary Inspection
  • Testing and Evaluating
  • Detailed Analysts Report
  • Detailed Quotes
  • History Logs
  • Reconditioning Services
  • Inspection & Assembly
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Structure Testing

Contact us today for a detailed, custom cost-saving report on your facility.

Roll Fabrication

Glunt Industries offers complete builds and service for up rolls up to 62” diameter X 75’ long.

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