Glunt Industries was able to use its expertise in design and innovation by optimizing the OEM design and material optimization to rebuild a Hot Strip Coiling Mandrel that is expected to run 1.5 million tons and extends run campaign life to over 5 million tons before servicing.

From a material selection perspective, Glunt substituted proprietary stainless steel that had higher performing mechanical properties (Y, T, %elong) versus the OEM chosen 4140 material to guarantee prolonged performance with the pins and links. The components were then machined and processed further through nitriding to create a superior, case hardened surface.
Additionally, Glunt optimized the segment components by substituting the as-cast 304 stainless with forged 8620, case hardened steel alloy to improve strength and toughness properties. The segment components were then weld overlaid with a proprietary stainless mill clad to further improve performance and wear.

From a design optimization standpoint, Glunt was able to improve on the OEM construction by adjusting and tightening all internal component fits and clearances to provide superior performance for the mandrel campaign. These upfront design changes were done in concert with the customer and resulted in Hot Strip Coiling Super-Coiler Mandrel that met and significantly exceeded this major Mini-Mill customer’s needs/ expectations.

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